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The Mighty Cocheco

Without a doubt, I have traversed this 38 mile long tributary of the Piscataqua River more times than any other. It's not even close.

My earliest memories include chucking rocks into it from the Main Street (Now Pickering Road) bridge that crosses it in Gonic and I drive my car over that same bridge at least twice a day.

I follow it indirectly and then cross it again on my morning commute when I go over the bridge on Central Ave in Dover as it goes through (under?) the Mill Building.

I once had a membership to World Gym in that building and would walk across the covered entrance at the Mill twice (over the river) and then drive across it again to go back to work.

It's a mind boggling amount of times because my daily commute has always been intertwined with it for as long as I've been working.

Does anyone have a similar life story with another local river? The Salmon Falls? The Isinglass? The aforementioned Piscataqua? The Lamprey?

Where are my people from the magical land of 102-1?

I have to think that with The Mighty Merrimac stretching over 100 miles passing Manchester to Newburyport, THAT will be the King of all Rivers for Shark Nation.

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