Slowly but surely, Sarah has been chipping away at my U Pick Em lead. I made a crucial error last week and as you can see, she made me pay for it DEARLY.

After telling all of Shark Nation REPEATEDLY to make sure they didn't forget to pick ALL THREE of the Thanksgiving games over the air, I forgot to pick them myself.

This put me in a 3 game hole that I still haven't clawed my way out of yet.

After yesterday, Sarah and I are tied with only the Monday Night game to determine our Week 12 standings.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the 'U Pick Em' Leaderboard (the winning side) Hugh MacDougall of Eliot Small Engine managed to have a worse week than I did.

Just FOUR victories this week.

As you can see from the newly updated standings, Jacob from SIS Bank sits only TWO games behind him with 111 wins.

I am sure the smack talk will be flying on Thursday!

Tracey - Photo Credit