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Tracey - Photo Credit
Tracey - Photo Credit

Team Train Picks: Chicago

Not unlike ripping a band aid off, Hugh has decided that we get the pain out of the way as fast as possible and pick DA Bears to beat The Detroit Lions on the Traditional Noon Thanksgiving Game!

Other than when they beat The Patriots, Detroit has looked pretty awful this year and Chicago is hoping to get a better grip on their lead in The NFC North.

I'm already nervous that any words I'm writing may jinx us, as any pick I have touched this year has resulted in catastrophe.

Team Sarah Picks: Baltimore

Even though Sarah 'picked' their last victory, Jacob has quickly reasserted himself with this bold selection of Baltimore. His theory is that Oakland is one of the worst teams in football and will perform as such despite a last second victory against Arizona last week.

Sarah agrees because 'Laverne and Shirley' was located in Baltimore. They weren't. The show was located in Milwaukee.

This above all else proves that 'Team Sarah' will be victorious once again. Don't try to understand it, just accept it.

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