Wagon Hill Farm in Durham was just named to the NH State Register of Historic Places, according to Fosters. 

Wagon Hill farm was active for nearly 300 years and includes more than 50 acres of open fields, stone walls and beautiful, iconic NH scenery.  In the winter time, it is THE place to go for snow sledding.  People come from all around to sled there!  I mean, check out this video - don't you want IN on this action?

According to nps.gov, you can do whatever you want with your property after it's named "an historic place."

Under Federal Law, the listing of a property in the National Register places no restrictions on what a non-federal owner may do with their property up to and including destruction, unless the property is involved in a project that receives Federal assistance, usually funding or licensing/permitting.

Maybe your house/property could be named in the registry.  According to the story, you must research the history of the place and make sure it qualifies.


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