According to a story from WMUR, General Mills has called for a flour recall for the 5 pound bag of Unbleached Gold Medal Flour with a "best by" date of 4/20/20.  The report said that they found salmonella in the bags that were tested at the plant and they are taking "an abundance of care."

If you're like me, you are probably running to your pantry and throwing out all of the flour that you have without checking the expiration date, because who has time for that, amirite?  Well, before you do, you should know that the report also states that the bacteria is killed if you bake, fry, saute or boil the flour, so no worries.  You just can't eat raw cookie dough with that flour, it'll make ya sick.

I just read an articule the other day about how if you let your kids play in the dirt, it will boost their immune systems as adults and I couldn't agree more.  My Mother made me EAT dirt and I'm never sick.  (I'm kidding and I'm sorry, Ma.  Her spirit is yelling at me from the Great Beyond, "I DID NOT, SARAH!")  Anyway, I've found an article to back me up on it, so go let your kids play.

Okay, you may resume your shopping list and you're welcome.

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