As the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention "re-evaluates the timeline" for indoor service at bars, according to WMTW, we want to know what you think. Do you feel comfortable going to a bar by yourself or with friends to have a drink, or will you wait to see what happens? It seems that most of us have a wait-and-see approach to when we plan on resuming our pre-pandemic routine. After all, there are still so many questions left unanswered as we attempt to navigate not a post-pandemic, but a very-much-still-ongoing pandemic world.

Many Maine bars have reopened their outdoor patios; however, not all of them have the outdoor space and capability to do this. Even when they do reopen for indoor service, bars will not be able to operate at full capacity, as social distancing mandates will remain in effect for the unforeseeable future. Unfortunately, this will affect their bottom line and ability to stay afloat. I'm afraid we're going to see more and more local places shutting their doors forever.

WMTW says that bars can reopen for indoor service on July 1st, 2020. That's just in time for the 4th of July holiday, when we Americans will be celebrating our independence. This year's hoopla and fireworks will be extra significant, as we are also celebrating a return to a somewhat normal world.

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