It happened again on Tuesday. This time in the capital city of Concord. WMUR-TV's Jess Moran has the story of a service dog being attacked during an altercation outside of a Market Basket.

It all began as a request for a cigarette, then things took a sudden violent turn.

According to WMUR-TV, Christopher Paquette, 27, requested a cigarette from Adam Callahan as Callahan was waiting for a cab. When the cab arrived shortly thereafter, the trouble started.

Paquette allegedly struck Callahan's 3 year old cattle dog, Skadi, with his back pack then threatened Callahan with a knife.

The cops were called, they arrested Paquette and charged him with cruelty to animals and criminal threatening.

Violent acts against pets seems to be a disturbing local trend lately and this needs to stop immediately.

This story really makes my blood boil because I adore cattle dogs. They're a highly intelligent breed that all possess their own unique sense of humor.

Luckily, Skadi seems unfazed and was not injured by this incident.

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