When it comes to places that make the memories come flooding back, Yoken's Restaurant in Portsmouth is one that stands out to most Granite Staters. But even more so is the big ol' neon sign that reads "Thar She Blows! Yoken's: Good Things To Eat", along with the happiest-looking whale you ever did see.


Yoken's family restaurant and the famous sign went up in Portsmouth in 1947. They closed up shop in the early 2000s, and its iconic sign was resurrected in 2015. The plaza where the beloved seafood restaurant once lived is now referred to as "Yoken's Commons".

If you want a serious stroll down memory lane, check out this throwback menu from Yoken's (courtesy of Eric Levi via Seacoast Eats).

Eric Levi
Eric Levi

What year do you think this menu is from? Judging by the prices, I am guessing it has to be from the '60s! 

A few takeaways: a Filet Mignon only cost $1.58?! And what the heck is plums and heavy syrup?! Also, chilled tomato soup as an appetizer for a mere 5 cents? I am coming to the conclusion that I was born in the wrong era.

People have the fondest memories of Yoken's, and shared them on the U local New Hampshire Facebook page. Suzan Labrie mentioned that she worked at Yoken's in 2001, and remembers having to teach the out-of-staters proper lobster eating etiquette. Rita Casey remembers going there with her dad for the all-you-can-eat buffet! Sharon Marie GOT MARRIED at Yoken's!

One memory that continued to come up was the treasure chest. Apparently, when you got your check at the end of the meal, it came with a key that you could use to try to open a treasure chest in the gift shop and win a prize. No one in the comments said they ever won, but they sure had fun trying!

Did you ever hit up the treasure chest at the Yoken's gift shop and win a prize? What did you win?!

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