The 5000 plus mile Colonial Pipeline that runs from Texas to New Jersey is shutdown due to a foreign ransomware attack. How will this affect NH's gas supply?

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The Overall Change In Supply And Price Will Be Miniscule

As a child of the 1970's, some of my earliest memories are of me and my parents driving past gas stations with crudely written cardboard signs of 'No Gas' in the windows during the gas shortage crisis.

And just last year, seeing the entire aisle of paper products being empty at the grocery store brought forth that same desperate feeling.

Thankfully, at least for the people of Northern New England, experts are saying that the current shutdown of The Colonial Pipeline should not result in much of a decreased supply of gasoline.

Prices could inflate, but, according to experts, not more that a few cents.

The quick and easy explanation of this is that we depend on several different sources for our gasoline.

The following is not a compensated endorsement, but more often than not, I fill my car at an Irving station, either in Gonic, or their Barrington location.

Irving Oil has a refinery in New Brunswick that produces almost a third of a BILLION gallons of gasoline EVERY DAY.

With this mega-provider just 350 miles to our Northeast, as well as the fact that we're so close to three major ports that have access to crude oil shipping lanes, I'm not too concerned about seeing the return of the 'No Gas' signs.

And if you don't believe me, check out this spokesperson from Northern New England's AAA!

I worry about nearly everything, but I'm not at all concerned about this pipeline shutdown. I'm sure it'll be all be over in a couple days.

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