After yet another disappointing loss last night to Dallas, The Boston Celtics appear to be mired in a dead end season. Many Boston Celtics fans like myself are now wondering, will GM Danny Ainge fire their coach?

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Will Brad Stevens Be Fired This Season?

I tend to stay away from the chattering of 'The Hot Takers, Noise Makers and Muck Rakers' but, I've always enjoyed the insight and charisma of ESPN's Stephen A. Smith.

He had a quote today that really stopped me in my tracks and gave me a different perspective on Stevens, The Celts and the downward trajectory of this season.

Jayson Tatum and the players have said 'It's our job'. But if you're the coach, what are you there for? If things continue to go this way, Danny Ainge is going to have to move in a different direction.


- Stephen A. Smith - ESPN's 'First Take'

Call me fickle, but until I saw Stephen A unleash this take, I had thought coaching the Celtics to three conference finals appearances out of the last four years was enough for Stevens to keep his job, at least for the rest of the year.

But after two disjointed and frankly, uninspired performances AT HOME, mind you. They look painfully similar to the underachieving mess they've been against any competitive opponent.

The moves that they made at the trading deadline haven't bolstered even a spark of inspiration or offensive teamwork.

Obviously two games does not a season make, but the prospect of Stevens' firing seems a lot more possible than it did yesterday at this time.

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