There are a lot of frustrated drummers among us. You know them, you work with them. They pick up any object that's handy, and before you know it, they're tapping away on the desk with their pencil, or banging away with an empty water bottle. Aaron Lapierre is in the latter category. He's forever using empty bottles as drumsticks and bashing out drum solos.

So, we've decided to put his talent to use with A-Train's Belly Bottle Bonham Drum Solo.  All week long listen to the Shark Morning Show for your chance to win tickets to see another decent drummer, Jason Bonham, and his Led Zeppelin Experience as they stop by the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom next Tuesday night.

All you have to do is identify the Led Zeppelin drum solo that Aaron will bang out on his belly using his bottle for a drumstick.

You'll have to ask him what song he's playing in the video because I have no clue.