Over the past 20 years, many of the old street names in Gonic have been changed due to possible emergency response confusion. Can you remember the original names?

5 Gonic Streets That Ain't What They Used To Be

I realize I may be whining a bit about the name changes, but they do make sense.

Ironically, I live on Winter Street in Rochester which is technically the same city as Gonic. I know for a fact that I'd be receiving a ton of mail from whoever lives at the corresponding address on Brickyard Court. But because of the name change, that doesn't happen.

But don't get me started on the new Pickering Road!

Back in my day, Main Street in Gonic began at Electric Avenue and went down to the square where Church Street begins and then down to the bridge. After the bridge it was Maple Street for a couple miles and THEN Pickering would begin. Pickering Road, for old locals like myself, is the back road to Dover, NOT Main Street or Maple Street, which sadly are no more.

I'll finish with this article with a old story about Mill Street that is neither here nor there.

My cousin Jeremy and I bought a coconut one summer evening when his grandmother would take us grocery shopping and we could get whatever we wanted. She lived on Mill Street and this shopping spree was a traditional part of sleeping over at her house.

An unfortunate attempt at cracking open that coconut with a small sledgehammer resulted in said coconut bounding down Mill Street like a cannonball and hitting one of the neighbors houses. It may still be there for all I know, we did not go looking for it.

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