I've driven though Rollinsford plenty of times but I never knew that this 100 foot railroad trestle existed. I'll leave it to 'Dave In NH' to give you a tour using his impressive drone video skills.

'DaveIn NH' Official YouTube Channel
'DaveIn NH' Official YouTube Channel

According to his channel, this trestle is 102 feet in length and runs between Rollinsford and South Berwick.

Drone videos really offer a unique perspective on areas such as these. How else would you get to simultaneously see the water naturally rushing through rocks on one side, and cascading in a precise fashion through the dam on the other side?

A helicopter couldn't get as close, and if it did, the tranquil quality of the river would be lost entirely.

Just like all of Dave's videos, I'm now obsessed with finding this location, even though being there in real life will pale in comparison to watching the footage.

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