Even if The Grammy Awards are not your thing, this is pretty cool.
Last night The 61st Grammy Awards were televised and many Faculty and Alumni from Berklee College of Music in Boston were nominated.  27 alumni across 25 categories and 5 faculty members, that's according to Berklee's website.  
There are so many people behind the scenes that put their heart and soul in to extremely successful music projects and you don't even know their name.
Some names from Berklee you may have heard of:  Charlie Puth, John Mayer, Amie Mann, Melissa Etheridge, Diana Krall (just to name a few of the hundreds of thousands) and some guy named.... Quincy Jones.  Q, class of '51 DID win another Grammy last night for a total of 28, according to some reporter on GMA this morning.
How fortunate we are to have a world class music college just down the road from us with talent coming out of Boston that received so much recognition last night!  What proud moments for the teachers at Berklee (of which my husband is one....) and their talented students who have gone on to do so much for the music industry!  Congratulations to all!
You can find the full list of Grammy winners here.

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