This little mama has a nest just outside of our back door here at the Bob Fuller Media Center.  She stays in the nest even if we get really close to her and by that I mean, maybe 5 feet away.

What kind of bird do you think she is?  I have only one guess because I am not a bird watcher, but I think she is a Robin.

Couple of cool factoids about the Robin according to

The male American Robin sings the most beautiful tune… he is often the last bird heard as the sun sets.  Drunk Robins!? Yes, Robins sometimes will flock to fermented berries. By ingesting large quantities, they appear to be drunk and exhibit behaviors such as falling over while walking.

This Mama isn't ingesting any fermented berries, that's for sure.  She probably has some beautiful little blue eggs under herself.  I really can't wait to see the babies!

What shall we name her?


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