Not only do they provide delicious pizza house fare at a reasonable price, they CRANK The Shark whenever I go there to pick up an order. Here are some more reasons I love them.

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They offer a side of rice.


You read that correctly, they actually have their own house rice pilaf. I've been to pizza places from Newfoundland to the Mojave Desert and I swear I've never had the opportunity to order a side of rice. You will not be disappointed.

For those of you that may know this about me, whenever a particular group of activists who shall remain nameless, either make a statement that I find outrageous or participate in a protest that disrupts the daily lives of thousands?

That's when I order veal.

And let me tell you the veal at Kendall Pond is OUTSTANDING.

Veal is either fake breadcrumbs (not even real breadcrumbs, fake) or unbelievably delicious. Kendall Pond's is the latter.

One final point. Don't go searching a map of Dover for the body of water named 'Kendall Pond', you won't find it.

The Dover restaurant is actually Kendall Pond II, the original is in Londonderry and that was named for the conservation area there.

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