It’s great to attend local brewing festivals and meet the owner and brewers of the many craft beers being brewed in New Hampshire, but COVID-19 shutdowns have made that next to impossible.

I said NEXT to impossible but NOT impossible.

Local brewers in New Hampshire have rallied together to give you the chance to chat with breweries owners and brewers virtually which is the next best thing to being there, according to

Who knows when we will be able to sit around a taproom and discuss our favorite brews?

The Keep NH Brewing Virtual Beer Fest is hoping to do the next best thing. Here is your chance to support local breweries, crack open a cold one and hang out online with some of your favorite breweries or even get to know a few you didn’t know about.

Schilling Beer Co CEO Jeff Cozznes told, “Within our association, there are approximately 65 breweries, and roughly half of those people have been laid off.”

Many breweries are offering curbside pickup and even delivery.

The Keep NH Brewing Virtual Beer Fest is slated for May 2, the news station reported.

You can go to the link and get more info. Here's to a Cold One.

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