Here he is directing is first full length film 'The Opening Act' featuring Cedric The Entertainer, Bill Burr and Whitney Cummings alongside dozens of other great comics, yet, The New England Patriots STILL live rent free in his head.


We could NEVER get past Brady OK? Are you happy?! We had Big Ben and we could never get past you guys we got past you ONCE so that's it and you own us. Congratulations. I hope you're happy. OK? On the record


- Steve Byrne  Director of The Opening Act; Pats Hater

I've been lucky to talk to Steve for about 15 years and whenever he goes on an enraged rant about The New England Patriots it always puts me on the floor.

His directorial debut will open in theaters and "Nearly every conceivable video streaming service" on Friday October 16th and the trailer looks amazing.

Any fan of comedy, especially good comedy, recognizes every name on the extensive credits.

If I could have asked Steve just one more question on this interview it would have been, which comics are playing themselves and which are playing roles?

It seems strange that Bill Burr, whose SNL monologue is the number one trending entertainment topic of the last five days, is playing the lame boss of the protagonist Will Chu.

I love the fact that this story is self biographical and every single thing in it was taken directly from the early days of Steve's career.

I only hope that my constant bullying of him and his Pittsburgh Steelers didn't contribute to his portrayal of morning DJ's as evil creatures.

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