I was excited to see these plum tomatoes on my desk this morning (THANKS SARAH!) and have decided to transform into 'Farmer Train' and give you a very timely tip about making sure your NH tomatoes are of the highest quality flavor.

Train Images


I don't mean to yell at you in bold letters, but, a perfectly clear sunny day with low dew points like we're having today in The Granite State can result in a surprising twist of fate on your tomato vines.

After just one cool night, your tomatoes will develop a watery flavor. I've been told that I've imagined this by other people that swear their tomatoes taste exactly the same but I'm here to tell you. (At least those with sensitive taste buds) A cool night will turn them to a watery muck.

Train Images

I get a little freaked out by this because, as any of you with gardens know, this is the absolute peak season for tomatoes. There is nothing sadder than having plants that are full of ripe and nearly ripe tomatoes at the apex of flavor and have them all turn to sad water balloons in the course of just a few cold hours.

This is why the 'Sweet Millions' in the picture above were a bit blurry, because I was picking them in a blur.

I'll leave you with a final warning that almost reads the same backwards as forwards.

Save your tomatoes while you still can! Can your tomatoes while they're still worth saving!

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