After days of hauling, defrosting, rainstorms and cold nights. The fridge is iceberg free and on to a new location!

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You wouldn't think that such a relatively small bit of ice could take over a week to dislodge from a mini-fridge would you?

Well, after pouring a tiny bit of hot water from a boiling tea pot onto the aluminum shelf, it finally budged!

I swear that if I discovered this back in August, this whole ordeal would have taken about 4 hours at the most.

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And there it is! Fully stocked with jams, jellies, cream cheese and a pint of half and half!

Fully operational for any guest or Shark Bite Breakfast bar VIP that sits in the Merchant's Auto Shark Tank (thanks to Cardi's Furniture and Mattresses).

It runs very quietly and as long as we keep watch over the aluminum freezer shelf, we should be able to keep it iceberg free!