You might want to make plans to be in Hampton Beach on Sunday, August 22 for "Go Topless Day."

According to an events post on Facebook, the 5th Annual "Go Topless Day" isn't at one particular time or spot, it's just a general all-day event where you can go anywhere and anyplace without a top on all day on Sunday, August 22, 2021.

This Is Not a Protest

The organizers of Go Topless Day say this is not a protest, it's a celebration of being female and "normalizing" walking around without a top on.  They are encouraging women to just go about their day as you normally would at the beach.  The event page says:

It is legal for ANYONE to go shirtless in NH on any given day, but this day is specifically for solidarity and to show society that the female nipple isn't obscene or inherently sexual.

Years Past Have Been Peaceful

There have been no real problems with the public and no problems with the police stepping in.  The group says that the day is for women everywhere to raise awareness of the double standard that it is okay for men to bare their chest, nipples and all, but not women.

Going Topless is A-OK

According to the event post and from the articles that I've found, except for Laconia, any person, male or female, can go topless in the State of NH every day, so if you can't make it on Sunday, August 22, the group encourages you to go ahead and free the nipple whenever the urge strikes you.

Would You Ever Do It?

As a female, would you ever go topless?  I have to say, I would not.  It is not in my comfort zone to do so.  NOT the case when I was younger.  I used to run around "bare-assed" as my family would say, but as the years go by, I'm looking to ADD layers, not take them off.

Rock on, Sistahs!

Having said that I wouldn't go shirtless anywhere except when I'm about to shower, that doesn't mean that you, my sisters, shouldn't go topless yourself.  Everyone has a body and if you want to pave the way for the women of the future, Rock On!  I do LOVE this event.  If we, as women, ever want true equality, it includes freeing the nip.

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