Just in time for Halloween, here's a collection of flying creepy crawlies that haunt the dreams of most Granite Staters. Which one terrifies you?

Four Frightful NH Flying Insects

I'm a huge fan of Luna Moths and if I happen to see one on a light pole or a porch window in the early summer, I feel like it's a good luck charm.

Some people are TERRIFIED of them. To make matters worse, if you scream at one, that greatly increases the chances of it flying away and the resulting action goes from just terrifying to absolute horror.

Fun facts about the Luna include their defense mechanisms of clicking (I've never heard them click) and vomiting to disgust their prey (I've never seen them puke either).

I have also never seen a European Hornet although they've been very commonly seen in Maine and NH this year. Some of them are over an inch long and strongly resemble the Giant Asian Hornet 'The Murder Hornet'. The female of the species is the only one that can sting and will only do so if you interfere with it's nest.

Does anyone have a phobia of stink bugs? They are attracted to light and can be quite frightful if you're looking at your twitter feed at 1AM and they decide to loudly fly in to perch on your screen.

If you do happen to swat one unknowingly, their funk can be washed off effectively with cold water and a lot of table salt. I learned that trick from the great Julia Child and it works for any strong scent.

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