The drama and hostility on this week's episode was unprecedented. Seriously though, Team Sara(h) gets way easier games to pick that Team Hugh. It's outrageous!


Team Hugh Picks: Carolina

For the 2nd consecutive week, The Random Number Generator has selected Thursday Night Football.

Is there anything more exciting than two teams going to battle in hopes of deciding which franchise finishes 10 games behind Tom Brady and The Bucs?

Hugh and I think that Teddy Bridgewater and The Panthers will bounce back from last week's loss against the Saints and take care of the hapless Falcons in a home game.

We really need this one tonight because the ladies got a 'GIMME'.

Team Sara(h) Picks: Tennessee

Seriously? Head Coach Mike Vrabel's squad suffered their first loss last week as a valiant come back effort VS. the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers came up short.

They're going to be all fired up to crush The Cincinnati Bengals who only have one win and one tie.

The only thing that Hugh and I can hope for is that rookie QB Joe Burrow makes headlines with his first professional upset. The kid has looked good, but I think it's highly unlikely to happen against The Titans.

Sarah also mentioned that she went to Nashville once and liked it, so, for those of you familiar with Sarah's supernatural ability to pick games through positive vibes and past life experiences.

I repeat, Carolina better win tonight or Hugh and I will surely be looking at a 2 game deficit by Sunday evening.

Go Panthers Go!

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