Due to the pandemic, so many things that were once second nature are now controversial. Take for example, free sampling at grocery stores. Our social media followers were more than happy to provide us with their opinions on that subject.

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Never have. Even taught my daughter not to reach for the free cookies at the bakery. Too many dirty hands reach in there. I'd rather buy a pack to bring home. - Jennifer

I lead with Jennifer's opinion because I think it closely reflects my own standpoint. In order for me to sample anything, the purveyor has to be really assertive and ask me directly as I try not to make eye contact.

Then, and only then, will I partake. Usually if this happens I'll be the only one there so my germophobia will lessen as I see that the sample is only being handled by one person.

You stay six feet apart. I’m eating the samples.- Johnny

'Oh well, more for me then' is one of my favorite sentiments with any food related issue.

Just from the statistical drop off in over all samplers, you have to think the environment would be safer than before. Let alone the increased safety measures used in their distribution. Johnny could be on to something.

I don't think I would until everything is cleared up in a year or 2. Hopefully the temptation won't be available! - Betsy

Ahh yes. Betsy is taking the long view. I'm ashamed to admit that I always think that the last three months will dictate how the next 50 years will be. And you know that things will more or less go back to normal eventually.

In 2022 I'll probably knock back all the complimentary cheese cubes and free triscuits I can.

Patience A-Train! Patience will win in the end!

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