I am happy to report a happy ending to the saga of the missing African serval cat from the Merrimack, New Hampshire, area.

As you may recall, there was a family that legally owned an exotic African serval cat named Spartacus, who had gone missing from his Merrimack home.

According to nhpr.org, Merrimack police say the cat was reunited with his owners and is safe and sound.

Spartacus is a beautiful cat and it would not be mistaken for any local New Hampshire wildlife.

He is 40 pounds and has spots like a leopard and a tiny head and a long tail, according to nhpr.org, and he was adopted by his family from a Florida zoo four years ago.

Fortunately, the family has lots of photos to show local animal control officers who have never handled a case quite like this one. Spartacus definitely looks like he would be more at home in African than New Hampshire.

I am super happy he has been reunited with his family safe and sound and no harm had come to him.

An African serval can run at speeds of up to 40 miles an hour, according to the article, so I doubt anything could catch him to hurt him, but it must have been pretty scary for Spartacus out there in the New Hampshire wilds.  He was trapped near his home, so he was probably headed back there anyway.

No matter how different or unusual a pet is, it is always heartbreaking to hear they have gone missing which is why I wrote about it last week.

I wanted everyone looking for this stunning and unusual cat.  I love happy endings.

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