I recently did a write-up about Star Island and that the ferries were running to take tourists and visitors out to see the stunning Island or chain of islands.  Then, as many of us do, I started looking around for more information and fell down a rabbit hole on YouTube and found this documentary by Wes Fisher on some intriguing history of gruesome tales from the Isles of the Shoals history.




There was a lot of discussion in the video on whether Blackbeard visited Star Island. Rumors of him bringing and leaving, his fourteenth wife on the island, tales of him burying treasure on the island, and even one story of him leaving a goat there.  I am a sucker for Pirate stories.  My mother tells me I am a descendant of the Great Pirate Cofressi who buried his treasure under the Island of Puerto Rico.  Pay no attention to the fact that the Pirate Cofressi was a real-life figure that did not have any children, you cannot convince my mother otherwise. Legend has it that if you were to take the treasure from under the island, it would sink.


Murder and Mayhem


One haunting tale in the clip tells of the tale of Betty Moody who tried to hide in a cave during an attack on Star Island by Native Americans and hid in a cave with her infant child. The child began to cry, and Betty feared he would reveal their location, so she covered his mouth and she smothered him.  Legend has it that you can hear a baby cry in the wind.  Another tale based on some fact was that of the ax murders on Smuttynose Island.  Back in 1873 two innocent sisters were murdered by an ax.  The perpetrator who was held for trial for the crime was Louis Wagner but there are legends that their sister actually did the crime.  The history of those Isles is rich and now I can’t wait to get out there this summer and check it out. Check out the documentary below.


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