Ever feel ashamed when you buy something at the store?

Maybe some do, but Rochelle and I don't! Or at least, I don't. Let me explain!

So this past weekend, we took advantage of the great tax free NH Liquor and Wine store. We like the one right at the state line at exit 1 as we've found it's got the biggest selection.

We aren't huge drinkers, but we do like experimenting with fun summer cocktail concoctions, and we are really into deals on fine wine, so we've been regularly enough that we know the checkout cashier by face (tall fella with a beard), and we had a really large box of items once we finished.

Rochelle looked somewhat sheepish, and said, "Hey, we got some great prices! Gotta
love tax free NH deals."

And the cashier said, "Don't feel funny, we had a way bigger order earlier today."

Without missing a beat, I jump in with, "I'm not ashamed at all. I can't wait to make a summer breeze, baby!" to which he and the folks standing behind us in the aisle just stared silently.

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