Newmarket, NH is a hilly place and this pool story that Comedian Juston McKinney told us this morning is completely on the level and 'HILL'arious.

The land is not even, it's supposed to be flat, it's not flat. So, it's 24 inches in the deep end and 18 inches in the shallow end.


So with that, you'd think you'd just set it up and you go. NO. I have to test the water.


Chlorine levels everyday,  I've got drops, I'm buying chemicals, I'm putting Ph drops in, algae tests!? It's up to my knees!


- Juston McKinney on Shallow Uneven Pool Maintenance

This is only the first half of the story. Juston was proud of himself for thinking months ahead of the '2020 New England Pool Craze' and ordered one long before the warmer weather created and all time frenzy for at home swimming options.

Unfortunately, the pool that he ordered back in the winter wasn't delivered UNTIL he finally situated the 24 inch chlorinated oasis that he's talking about in the audio above.

It's Murphy's Law and feast or famine all wrapped up in blue misshapen nylon!

There is a silver lining among all these twisted pool liners however.

He invited both Sarah and I to come over for a swim! There's a pool for each of us and that should make social distancing extremely easy!

I have to be careful though. Any sudden movements and I'm afraid I could find myself in a tidal wave rocketing down the streets of Newmarket!

Photo Credit - Kira
Photo Credit - Kira

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