Pretty Little Liars star and York, Maine restaurateur Huw Collins was kind enough to bring us dessert today and Sarah felt compelled to insult his peanut butter no bake to his face!

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"They're a little dry, you know? That's it"


- Sarah Sullivan - A scathing review of Huw Collins' Peanut Butter No Bake


"I loved it" - A Train's Review


"Listen they're not everyone's cup of tea because I'm always on the healthier side. I make them with unsalted peanut butter. I use Woodstock, there's a freebie for Woodstock!


You do have to be you, you told me the truth, you're truthful people and I respect that about you guys, authenticity is key, that's all I want from you guys."


- Huw Collins with a very classy response to Sarah's unfavorable dessert review

There are 10 ingredients to this peanut butter ball and sadly, I can only find 9 in the list of hen scratched cursive writing that I quickly jotted down.

Peanut butter (Woodstock unsalted), Flaxseed, Coconut, Coconut oil, Vanilla, Oats, Chocolate Chips (sparingly), Cinnamon and Salt.

A quick check of the googler and I think I've found that mystery ingredient, Honey.

I feel the need to reiterate that I thought these were terrific and I might even try to make them because, aside from being delicious, they really stick to your ribs too!

I'd like to finish this article by thanking 'Our ONE cool friend' for bringing us snacks, enduring the insults AND for using authentic British sounding words like 'Harangue' and 'Begrudgingly'. It really gives our podcast a certain savoir faire!

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