Today, our Boston Sports Insider gave us his expert analysis on the chance of NH native Sam Fuld being on Alex Cora's coaching staff.

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Yeah, he's a finalist. I don't know if there is a third guy besides he and Cora. But he's only 38 years old and he really impressed everybody with his time in Tampa Bay, really impressed Chaim Bloom and his guys with his intelligence and his aptitude.


It'll be interesting because there will be pressure on him it it ends up being him because A LOT of fans want Alex Cora. I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't some combination maybe Fuld comes in and works with him as the bench coach. But we'll see!


- TC on Durham NH Native Sam Fuld on Chances of Managing The Boston Red Sox

Wouldn't you know it?

Within minutes of our interview with TC, The Red Sox announced that Alex Cora will return next year to manage The Red Sox.

And in listening to the entire interview, you almost get the sense that TC KNEW that this announcement was about to happen.

That signifies to me, that Sam Fuld's future could very well have been revealed within today's conversation. I've been promoting and endorsing Fuld as the next skipper since this past Winter and would love it if this works out for him.

To be born just an hour north of Fenway and wind up on the coaching staff at age 38? It's the stuff that dreams are made of! Hopefully it happens soon!

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