With the Red Sox starting rotation as lean as it can be, the last thing they need is another delay AFTER a delay AFTER a quarantine. That will probably be the case for Eduardo Rodriguez. TC explains it all here.

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When you're on the COVID Injured list, you're really limited as to what you can do in relation to where you are. He's been at his house so he's been able to throw into a net in the backyard, but that's it, that's what he's been doing. That and push ups and sit ups.


This is all very different.


They're hoping that he'll be back before too long, but THEN it's going to take a little while to build him back up. You won't have him for the first week, I don't think.
- Tom Caron on Eduardo Rodriguez' Delayed Rehab After Quarantine

When it comes to Major League pitchers, there is always a specific process of re-entering the rotation. Usually there's long toss, then throwing off a mound, then maybe they'll have a 'simulated game'.

Since the Red Sox only really have 3 starters as currently comprised, AND the fact that EVERY game in a 60 game season means so much, it will be interesting to see how fast he'll be utilized in competitive play.

I was so psyched when TC confirmed that NESN is going to go FULL BROADCAST on the last couple of 'Spring Training' games next Tuesday and Wednesday. Blue Jays and Red Sox in Fenway Park with OB and The RemDawg!

This is not a drill. THIS is really happening!

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