The Boston Bruins went off in the 3rd Period last night for FOUR GOALS in the opening game of The Eastern Conference Final. Our Sports Insider Tom Caron is very impressed with The B's homegrown talent that helped secure last night's victory.

Train Images
Train Images

Yeah, you know, Wagner has been a nice addition this year (from Walpole MA) and put that one away.


It's a team that Don Sweeney the GM has built over the last couple of years by drafting guys and sticking with them. There was a lot of pressure to trade a younger guy for a veteran every year and he never did.


It was an unwavering belief in his young, local prospects and these are the guys now stepping it up and getting it done. And it's fun to see. -  Tom Caron

It's ALWAYS fun to check in with our Sports Insider Tom Caron every Friday morning. With the Red Sox back at .500, it looks like we'll have a baseball season to discuss now (!) AFTER this dreamlike playoff run from The Bruins.

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