With The Red Sox mired in an increasingly awful season, we changed the subject to hockey and TC offered up a great point on the subject of NHL goalies with a pep talk to The Bruins as well.

Tampa Bay Lightning v Boston Bruins
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Here's the secret in hockey, Goalies are WEIRD.


Anyone who is willing to stand there and let you shoot hunks of rubber at them at 110 miles an hour as a profession is bound to be a little bit 'off'. So, you always let goalies be a little bizarre.


I like Tuukka, he's going to go down in the record books as one if not THE greatest goalie in Bruins history.


I'd like to see a little more urgency from the whole team because, even though it's weird, you're in the bubble, it's THE STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS MAN! LET'S GO!

The one game that The Bruins HAVE won in the last 6 months was in the middle of the day and that is when Game 3 is scheduled for tomorrow. Hopefully, Pastrnak will bounce back from whatever mysterious injury he had that kept him out of Game 2 and The B's will look more URGENT.

I wish that I was lying when I said that I was angry at Tom Caron as the Sox were being swept, shellacked and any other S-word you can think of the other night.

I guess that since he's the only real connection I have to the team, that I picture him standing at a counter with a big 'Red Sox Complaint Department' sign on the wall.

It's hilarious that he apologized to me multiple times.

TC's the best!

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