Make THIS the year you finally try eating dandelion greens. You have NO EXCUSE and there is evidence to suggest they help your immune system too.

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The scientific name for dandelion is 'Taraxacum Officianale'

Just take a look at this study from the US National Library of Medicine and National Instutes of Health. 

I've known many hippie types that brew dandelion tea and they always claimed it had healing properties but I never knew that studies were done that may show how it inhibited both rat and duck hepatocyte production? That sounds promising right?

Again, the only claim that I can make is that they're delicious and any fan of baby spinach or kale will love these leaves.

I swear that the little yellow blossoms are Mother Nature's way of saying "Dinner's Ready!" because they will only be at peak deliciousness for the next couple of weeks.

My old Yankee theory is that once the nights get warmer and the weather gets dryer, the more bitter the leaves get.

I've got my foolproof cooking method right here!


Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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