Drenching rains this past week have finally given some relief to the drought stricken Granite State. Don't be fooled by the map, things are getting better!


It's important to keep all of this in perspective, as just one week ago the entire State was besieged with SEVERE drought.

Now, Coos, Grafton, Sullivan and Cheshire counties are all in the category of Moderate Drought. I added some cool green smiley faces just because the change from a harsh orange into a desert like tan really doesn't look that effective in illustrating the relief that our Western counties experienced.

If you squint a bit, you can actually see the tiniest bit of 'Abnormal Dryness' in the Northwestern corner of Sullivan County.

This could be from some aggressive splashing alongside the Connecticut river, but at least it's nice to see .01 percent of the state is drought free.

The blue 'HEY!' with corresponding blue arrow, is an indictor that the area between Seabrook and Plaistow has gone from EXTREME to Moderate in just one week's time. They must have really got drenched because the boxing glove of extremeness has only withdrawn a few miles to the north.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the weekly monitor stops collecting precipitation data on Tuesdays. Tuesday morning I had my windshield wipers going throughout both my morning and afternoon commutes and then, yesterday was the same.

It'll take a lot more than having my wipers on 'Mist' to rescue Strafford and Rockingham counties out of the SEVERE category, but it's nice to finally see puddles again!

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