It’s the little things that make us smile.  It’s the simple things that you miss.

Sure, I had a good time taking my kids to Disney World when they were little, but you know what they remember?  The time we built a snowman.

According to, Megan Sbat got the inspiration to make a snowman in front of the Presidential Oaks in Concord, NH facility from Facebook.

She and her kids wanted to build a snowman for the residents there so she thought it might be a great way to perform an act of kindness. They built a very nice snowman with pennies for eyes and sticks for arms, the news station reported.

Megan Sbat tells “We want to spread love, we want to spread kindness, we want these people to look out their window and smile because they get to see a snowman.”

During the pandemic, we are all looking for a way to teach our children lessons and this one from Megan Sbat to her children is one I hope they never forget.

To the residents of Presidential Oaks in Concord, the sight of the snowman will be sure to make them smile but even more importantly, it may help trigger memories of happy times when the residents themselves were children building snowman or memories of them building snowmen with their own children.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.  This story melted my heart.




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