I'm putting on my aluminum foil toque to rage about the different predictions of snow accumulations for NH and Massachusetts. They're all in cahoots I say!

Townsquare Media Lab Via - Grand Rapids
Townsquare Media Lab Via - Grand Rapids

Weather Channel Prediction

1-3 Inches Total

WMUR-TV Prediction

4-7 Inches Total

Accuweather Prediction

3-6 Inches FOLLOWED by 3-6 Inches

Train Images
Train Images

What actually happened?

As you can see, utilizing the tried and true method of snow measurement (A Bic pen on the hood of The Shark Van) Dover NH received about an inch.

If you are among the huddled masses that are absentmindedly thinking "Yep, that's what they said we would get." You are not wrong.


"They" spin a meticulously designed web of predictions that run the gamut of all possibilities!

Just using the three meteorologic predictions I listed above presents a target of ONE to TWELVE inches!

Translation: It might snow an inch and it might snow a foot !

I could have told you that!

*Takes off aluminum hat*

I will give them credit for predicting that it would stop snowing at noon anyway.

*Puts hat back on*

I suppose I should point out that this is the exception that proves the rule!

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