The Movie is a Silent Film

Cort Baussmann is a Senior at Portsmouth Christian Academy in Dover, NH who wrote and arranged all the music that will be performed for the live soundtrack to the silent film, Sherlock, Jr. by Buster Keaton this Thursday, April 22, 2021 at 6:30pm.

Where Can I See The Film?

You can see the film as of Thursday on the PCA YouTube page.  You can also go to the performance live and in person at PCA, observing COVID protocols, of course.  Register by clicking here.

Who is Cort Baussmann?

From the interview below, you will learn that Cort has been at PCA since pre-school.  He also admits that he doesn't like change very much, so in the 8th grade he decided to stay for high school.  PCA  also has a fine arts program that other high schools just don't have.

What is Cort Baussmann's instrument?

From the interview, he plays the piano, but his first love was the trumpet.  (This is a boy after my own heart.)  He choose the trumpet for the same reason that I did.  It only had three valves and it was something that he thought he could handle.  Cort said that he became really good at the trumpet, so he stuck with it.

Who Is His Musical Influence?

Cort loves the music of John Williams.  I'd say that's the best choice he could possibly make.  John Williams has been nominated for 52 Academy awards, 6 Emmy's, 25 Golden Globes and 71 Grammy awards.  Williams has won too many of those to list, according to Wiki.  In 1980, John Williams received an Honorary Doctorate of Music from Berklee College of Music in Boston.  From his sweatshirt, we might be seeing Cort around campus sometime in the fall.

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