Murder hornets, COVID-19, 5G, earthquakes, pestilence, wrinkles, grey hair, cold oatmeal, WHAT'S NEXT, you ask?  SNOW IN MAY!

Here's Mike Haddad from WMUR who will explain:

The snow isn't going to stick around, of course, so we probably won't even notice, but the fact that we have to have chilly weather when all we are craving is the warm hug of a beautiful, bright sun is getting a little challenging to say the least.  At a time when we are trying to exercise outside because all the gyms are closed, Mother Nature could at least throw some 70 degree weather at us on a consistent basis.  Oh, who am I kidding.  I haven't been exercising.  I've been eating everything in sight.

Speaking of gyms, I don't know people will feel comfortable going back.  I mean, I am not a germophobe at all.  I am usually okay with the thought of sharing the ab cruncher with the sweaty guy in front of me, however, even I'M a little squeamish at the thought at this point in time, so, I'm asking you, PLEASE, oh Great Mother Nature, give us some nice weather so I can get my fat ass on a bike again and ride OUTSIDE.  Thank you.

Goosebumps and other bodily reactions, explained


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