I admit that I'm the kind of Boston sports fan that looks at things AROUND the actual game that's being played, except for the Patriots - I hang on every play, of course, but hockey?  I'm not completely enthralled  with the game.  I sometimes think it's impossible to score even 1 goal with the fast pace of that game.

One of my favorite parts of the beginning on any Bruins game was when Rene Rancourt sang the two National Anthems.  He always looked so happy to be there and really got the crowd pumped up.  Now he's retired and the Bruins are looking for another singer.

What a tremendous opportunity for someone!  I can sing.  I went to college for vocal performance and I used to sing in a couple bands, so I got chops, but this is the NATIONAL ANTHEM we're talking about here.  Lots of pressure because there will be people like me judging you with every note.

If you think you have what it takes, I wish you the best.  According to a story from WCVB-TV in Boston, you have to submit a video of yourself singing the National Anthem by August 1st at 5pm.

You also have to fill out an application.

Good luck!!!

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