The seacoast of NH has been blanketed with two days worth of snow and the majority of its workforce has enjoyed an extended Thanksgiving vaca. Some of us, here at the station and elsewhere, can not. Here are a couple profiles in 'Being Essential'.

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Pat In Traffic

The word 'traffic' in the radio sense means orchestrating ads so they play at the proper times, in the proper rotation, on the proper station.

It's like a Rubik's cube that's always moving with the little squares changing color and being added and subtracted on a minute to minute basis.

Pat does this better than anyone I've seen but unfortunately for him, the puzzle can not be solved from the comfort of home.

On the positive side, in the confines of a nearly empty building, he can crank Alice In Chains at an wonderfully unreasonable volume and the entire hall is filled with the hypnotic tones of their 1992 album 'Dirt'.

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Jodi in Accounting

Jodi in Accounting, in addition to crunching numbers, is spending her day in the office behind that window, answering the door for any deliveries and she also brought in lentil soup.

Lentils for the essentials! Hooray!

She has also refused to be photographed but in the close up below, you can see her looking out the window with an expression that conveys I will not be seeing any additional home made soup for quite awhile.

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