If you still haven't mowed your lawn yet, DON'T FRET! Your missing out on a real delicacy of springtime here in New Hampshire.

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I swear they are only worth eating in early May. Before that they're just too small and anytime after Memorial Day they're just too bitter.

A foolproof trick to eliminate any bitterness is to soak them in salt water. I'll throw them in a bowl full of water with a couple tablespoons of regular table salt while I wait for the pot of water to boil.

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There is no ideal way to prepare them as I've enjoyed them both cooked in a pan with a little olive oil too. It is just as delicious. You really can't mess it up.

There is however, a great by product that you get from boiling them. It creates a 'Dandelion Tea' which most earthy nutritional people will rave about as being some magical elixir.