Snow. I can handle it usually without complaint.  I like to play in it, it's pretty and the world seems to slow down a little when we get a lot of it.  However, I can not handle SLEET.

According to, tomorrow, in to Friday, we are going to see some snow mixed with rain, a/k/a sleet.  UG!!!  AND THE WORST PART!  It's going to be coming down exactly when I commute to work - around 4am.  YAY!!  I mean.... UG!

I'd much rather see a ton of snow, like 12" or so, than a "wintry mix."  I hate that.  It seems like you can't get warm no matter what.  Everything is wet and frozen.  Why is that?  It's got to have something to do with the moisture in the air, but it seems like SLEET chills you to the bone.  It's the type of weather that you feel proud that you've invested in those ugly, but very warm, waterproof boots.

The worst word that I want to hear in my forecast?  SLEET.

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