It's almost Valentine's Day!  Why not get a gift for the TRUE love of your life.... YOUR DOG!

The Shark has a great gift courtesy of Sit. Stay. Smile., and a) it's a Valentine's Day gift that you'll actually love and b) you'll get an incredible portrait of your dog!

Here's what's in this incredible prize package for you and your dog:

  • A 20 minute in person pre-shoot consultation
  • A 60 minute in studio photo session
  • An In person image review session
  • And one 24x30 or smaller custom canvas wrap of one image of your choice.

This great prize is valued at $525.00!

To enter, just upload a picture of your pooch on the Shark App. Make sure to mention your name, your dogs name, and where you're from!

Click on the three bars in the top left corner of you app.


Scroll down the side menu bar to find "Submit Photo/Video." Click that.


Enter your name, email, phone number, and in the description, the name of your dog and where you are from! Then click the red button to select your dog photo to submit! That's it!



The winner will be announced on Valentine's Day on the New Shark Morning Show with Sarah and A-Train!

After my divorce and before I met my husband, I was single for a very long time and my pets were, absolutely, my companions, my best friends.  So, to celebrate them this year instead of the boring ol' Valentine's Day stuff is GREAT!  Love this!

Hear more about this here:

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