Moved into our new place in Dover on Friday and absolutely love it! From my "man cave" to a the largest bed I've ever owned to a big ol sectional, very excited about it.

However, THE first item we placed on kitchen counter? Our super fancy cutlery set! Yep, two people who have, at best, limited culinary ability and we splurged for the stainless steel set of knives.

It SHOULD have been on our wedding registry but the sales fellow at the store we chose sold us so hard we decided to get 'em for move in day. So as we close in on wrapping our first week in the house its gone like this: cutlery set, 7 hour binge in pajamas of a Nat Geo special on the 1980s, 3 hour Jeopardy reruns on Netflix we basically need to get out of the house and make some friends in our new hometown.

But what would dinner convo be like with us? Knives, Rob Lowe narrating documentaries and Jeopardy trivia. Yeah, we are exciting not even middle-age couple!!

It got me thinking about being at home during the winter, and there was a great story from KETV that came out of Nebraska about a school principal who cancelled school for the day due to heavy snow and had an awfully unique way of letting the kids know: he sent them a Youtube video of himself singing in the kitchen to his own parody version of "We Didn't Start the Fire."

While the link is worth listening on your own, it went "2nd ave a slippery mess, main street not the best" IF you can hear that Billy Joel melody in your head to match those re-written lyrics?

So we took the air today with our own spoof version of a Billy song: "Uptown Girl"; only ours was "Portsmouth Girl." Here were our goofball lyrics:

Portsmouth Girl
Livin' in your New Castle World
Bet you never met a Dover Guy
Bet not likin' coffee amc craft beer is why
but I'm gonna try to meet
a Portsmouth girl! Whoa whoa whoa whoaaaaaa

What other classic hits songs could we make with a local vibe?

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