I love that Shark listeners are obsessing over their favorite breakfast cereal and I just found out this morning that my favorite sugary cereal of mine as a kid? Was a real thing!

My name for this cereal in 1976 was 'Frosted Flakes For Kids' as my 3 year old brain was convinced  that since Tony's son 'Tony Jr.' was its animated spokes tiger, that it could only be enjoyed by the youngest demographic.

And as one's memory gets worse with age, I began to think that it never existed. Come to find out, I never knew I was eating rice, I thought they were just tinier flakes. I didn't care for Rice Crispies and know I now why! Slather a couple pounds of sugar on Snap, Crackle and Pop? Well, that was the best recipe that Battle Creek ever had!

I love how the disclaimer at the end says, to be enjoyed alongside a good healthy breakfast. As if 30 grams of sugar per bite wouldn't be good or healthy? Are you kidding me? Theyrrrrrrrr'e GRRRRREAT!

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