The demolition of the old Friendly's building on Central Ave in Dover, New Hampshire, has started and residents are feeling some type of way about it.

According to Townsquare radio personality Jadd, a passerby commented that they could actually smell some of their favorite Friendly's dishes in the air as the building went down.

The restaurant hasn't been open for over two years, so is that true? Maybe!

Is it poetic to think that the aromas of Fribbles and Munchie Manias were filling the air as this beloved building crumbled to ground? Absolutely!

Andrew Townsend via Facebook
Andrew Townsend via Facebook

So the question that begs to be answered, what is coming to the site where the Friendly's once stood? I did some poking around the The (un)Official City of Dover, NH Facebook group and gathered what people are hoping for!

Here are some of my favorite comments:

Sara McNutt:

"I am hoping a Chick Fil A!"

Not a bad idea, Sara! I think we could all use a little more fried chicken and waffle fries in our lives.

Korinna Fowler:

"Just bring the ice cream part of Friendly’s back 😭"

Everyone knows the ice cream window was the best part!

Meghan Christine: 

"Happy Wheels Skate Center want to bring a roller rink back to the seacoast NH area? 🙂"

OMG! How fun would that be?

There has been no official word on what it will be so for now we can continue to dream. As for Friendly's restaurants on the Seacoast, we are out of luck! The closest one to us is probably Haverhill, MA.

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