Contrary to popular belief, kindness and humility never go out of style! The polarized climate of our country is palpable. That's why stories like this are so important. They are more than random acts of kindness because they give people hope. And hope has been kind of hard to find lately.

Erika Willette posted on the Concord NH Community Facebook group looking for the kind gentleman who helped her 89-year-old grandma. Erika's grandma was attempting to swipe the wrong card and then became flustered and confused. The gentleman helped pay for her groceries. This happened on Thursday, 11/5, around 11:30 am at the Market Basket in Fort Eddy Plaza in Concord, New Hampshire.

Erika Willette via Facebook
Erika Willette via Facebook

It doesn't seem like a big deal, but this man's kindness and compassion meant the world to Erika and her grandma. I would love to help Erika connect with this man so she can thank and repay him. Feel free to share this post so perhaps it will come across his feed.

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