Reggie is a Maine Coon Cat from Stratham NH and has a larger than life persona to go along with his impressive physical stature.

Tremblay Family Photo Credit
Tremblay Family Photo Credit

This is Reggie exhibiting his serious appreciation for the mealtime rituals of both the feline world and the human race.

Apparently, centering his entire focus on his food bowl is a common practice for our title winner of March 2021.

He doesn’t realize that he is too big for this bowl . He tries this often when we sit down to eat. - Sue Tremblay from Reggie's Online Bio

I have heard many amazing stories about the Maine Coon Cat but none compare to the one I was just reading online, there's a myth that Marie Antoinette had six of these cats and they sailed away in the boat she had planned to escape in!

The ship docked in Wiscasset and the cats were set free and became feral, and were re-domesticated decades later! What a story!

That may not be altogether true, but these fun facts about Reggie are 100% genuine!

He loves to open doors but rarely ever closes them.

He likes to multi-task, which means laying in the sun while watching birds and squirrels.

His new favorite hobby is aviation. This is another way of saying that he loves to chase paper airplanes and pounce upon them, rendering them unable to fly.

Thanks to Pet Supplies Plus in Somersworth, Reggie will get to go on a shopping spree with a $50 Gift Card.

Congratulations to The Shark's Pet Of The Month for March 2021, Reggie from Stratham!

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