According to a report from INRIX, Boston is the WORST city for traffic congestion.  Well, DUH!  Boston drivers, according to the report, spend 164 hours in traffic due to congestion.  Also, they lose $2,291 per year because of it, according to this survey.

The report also mentions Los Angeles, but it doesn't come in until number 6 on the list.  I'm thinking it's because people in L.A. have just given up.  You can only spend so many hours on the road until you finally just say to hell with it.

That's what's going to happen in Boston, I predict.  More and more people are going to be fed up with Storrow Drive, Route 1 and let us not forget our favorite, 93 South.  It seems like all the construction in the world hasn't helped that stretch of road, but I remain hopeful and happy here in New Hampshire.

Thank GOODNESS I live on the Seacoast and I work in Dover.  My commute is about 30 minutes and the most traffic I get is a plow tuck every now and again going super slowly on the roads and usually, I appreciate that.  He/she is making the roads safe for everyone, so I'm okay with the slow down.  If I had to drive in Boston traffic everyday, I don't think I could do it.



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